Join CardAlpha's Sales Expert program

We are looking for freelance sales experts to join our CardAlpha Sales Expert program. Our sales experts will re-sell CardAlpha's point-of-sale and card reader solution and encourage merchants to sign-up.

Sales Expert Program in 6 Steps


Fill in the application form and send us your CV.


We will interview you and if you are successful, we will send you our Contract.


We will train you with our online training materials to introduce you to our products, services and expectations.


Once you are enrolled as a Sales Expert, you can start selling and sending us Leads via this form.


We will track and report your monthly sales.


We will pay you monthly sales commissions for each Merchant Client who have have onboarded and have done their first transaction.

Flexible hours

As a CardAlpha sales expert, you can choose your working hours.

Favourable incentives

We will pay you £50 for each new merchant that has completed onboarding and completed their first transaction on our ePOS.

* terms and conditions apply, read our Terms and Conditions for more information

This opportunity is great for you, if...

  • You work in a retail or business-to-business sales environment,  handling sales, marketing, or sales check-outs at the till.
  • You are at ease communicating with retail or trade customers and explaining new products and services.
  • Having a network of merchants and business owners is a plus.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You are eligible to live and work in the UK (mandatory).
Click here to send us your CV and once done, fill up the form below
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Use this simple form to report your leads.

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Overview of Terms & Conditions : (1) The CardAlpha Sales expert program is a referral program for individuals ("Sales Experts") who are able to promote the CardAlpha ePOS and card reader solution to eligible sole traders and businesses operating as limited companies in the UK (2) A Sales Expert is a reseller for our ePOS solution and is not an employee role within the organisation. (2) CardAlpha will offer a sales commission for each new sole trader or independent business ("merchant") introduced by the Sales Expert, provided such a Merchant successfully completes the onboarding formalities on the CardAlpha ePOS platform, purchases the card reader, successfully clears the Bambora underwriting process and conducts a card purchase transaction on the ePOS platform (3) CardAlpha will not be responsible for any tax matters arising out of the payments of sales commissions  made to Sales Experts and the Sales Experts will be responsible for managing their own tax matters (4) CardAlpha reserves the right to apply its internal sales selection criteria to any applications made to its Sales Expert program by individuals (5) The Sales Expert will be appointed by CardAlpha upon the conclusion of a contract signed between CardAlpha Ltd and the Individual.