Collect Payments Anywhere with Pay by Link, No Card Reader Needed
For UK based sole traders and limited companies

Setting-up your Pay by Link solution

The Pay by Link solution requires no card reader or integration with your existing POS systems.  Sign up easily in three simple steps and start  accepting payments.

  • Download our App and Apply by sharing a few details about your business.

  • Receive merchant account details from Stripe, our processing partner.

  • Activate your Pay by Link account in our ePOS app and set up your item-lists in the digital cash register.

  • Sell over the phone or in person, by setting up an order basket in the App and sending a payment link.  

  • Customer receives the link via SMS, enters card details on a secure pop-up and completes payment. Simple.

Our ePOS has clever features designed to stream-line your sales operations

Organise product Catalogue

  • Set-up a digital product catalogue in seconds
  • Add item descriptions, images, prices and applicable discounts easily

easy Sales Check-outs

  • Create customer order basket in a few taps
  • Choose Pay by Link as a checkout option
  • Send payment link via SMS text directly to customer's phone - customer receives text and enters card details on a simple payment form
  • Manage order details, receipts and refunds via ePOS App to keep things simple

Track sales

  • 7-day visual dashboards to help you track sales trends
  • On -screen transaction query provides splits across in-store and ecommerce (pay by link and web-store) sales
  • Item-wise break-down available for order basket with item details, prices and payment method used
  • Detailed sales reports for a particular date or for a time period

Transparent pricing for Pay by Link solution

* web-store & online payments are also included in the pricing below, fees for online payments are charged by Stripe
£5.99 + VAT

Monthly fee (cancel anytime)

1.5% + 20p

Transaction fee for standard UK cards

2.9% + 20p

Transaction fee for European cards

Transaction fee for Premium UK cards (commercial Visa & MasterCard) : 1.9% + £0.20 and for International cards (issued outside UK & Europe) : 3.25% + £0.20
about CardAlpha

CardAlpha is a financial technology company based in London. CardAlpha's ePOS App converts a small business owner's tablet or smartphone device into a powerful electronic cash register featuring a product catalogue with item description, prices, discounts, inventory tracking and digital receipts.